Why Install An Irrigation System In Your Garden

Many gardens will often have specific species of plants that are not indigenous to the local area. This will mean that the plants will often have requirements and certain needs that are not suited to that environment.

One of those needs may be additional water that is not part of the local areas rain fall. This is where a sprinkler system or irrigation system will come into use.

In some areas like Brisbane in Australia, we see years of drought where it hasn’t rained at all and many gardeners are on water restrictions. In these situations it is best to water in the late afternoons so as the water does not evaporate from the ground in the harsh Australian sun.

Many landscape gardeners are now installing rain water tanks linked up to irrigation systems so as to combat such a drought situation.

It is a good idea to install drip irrigation to indoor plants.

It is a good idea to install drip irrigation to indoor plants.

Another instance of where it is a good idea to install a sprinkler and or irrigation system is in a garden bed that will receive no natural rain fall due to the fact that they are either indoors or under cover. Many landscape gardeners will be called upon to create under cover and indoor landscapes as part of a design brief for large multi story complexes or unit blocks.

Some different types of irrigation systems for indoor gardens will include drip watering systems. Drip watering is where the water is delivered to the base of each individual plant via means of a drop delivery system. This ensures that excess water is not sprayed around the premises where the garden is located.

A professional irrigation expert is usually called in to design and install these systems. many calculations are done to ensure that the correct amount of water is delivered to each garden bed based on the evaporation and transpiration effect in each location. This will ensure that the plants in the gardens will receive exactly the right amount of water through out the seasons.

The flow rate will usually be programmed into a computer that controls not only the time of watering but also the amount of water in any given period.

The watering computer will need to be checked on a regular basis to make sure that the irrigation system is working correctly.

At Irrigation Brisbane we will install and monitor your computerised sprinkler systems in Brisbane. We are on hand to ensure that all of your gardens are getting the water that they need.

Many indoor gardens will require irrigation systems.

Many indoor gardens will require irrigation systems.


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