Tree Trimming in Brisbane A Brief Guide.

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When it comes to pruning a tree in Brisbane. It is important to consider a few crucial elements. By removing too much or trimming too much of the tree you can encourage what is known as epicormic growth. This growth is a reaction by the tree to compensate for the excessive loss of foliage which the tree formerly used to produce photosynthesis.

This invariably produces a much more prolific yet weakened growth pattern. A professional tree trimmer will only reduce about 25% of the trees leaves in order to prevent this kind of growth. An ethical tree loppers will often top the tree or remove the Crown. This kind of practice is of detriment to a tree and should always be avoided when pruning a tree in Brisbane.

Sometimes pruning a tree in Brisbane can be a much better option than actually removing the tree. Many popular species in Brisbane including the leopard wood, will greatly benefit from affective pruning or trimming of the tree as part of a maintenance program.

Many species, including coral trees and Jacaranda should be pruned effectively by a fully trained tree professional. The fully trained tree professional will have an understanding of growth patterns and will trim and effectively prune your tree to prevent dangerous and rigourous regrows. The aim of pruning a tree is not only to provide an aesthetic quality to the tree but also to prevent excessive storm damage during one of Brisbane’s voracious storms.

Sometimes it is important to get the opinion of a qualified arborist when it comes to deciding whether or not to remove the tree or to simply prune it. The cost of pruning a tree in Brisbane will vary upon the amount of foliage that needs to be removed and the location and access to the tree being trimmed. If you decide to proceed with tree pruning in Brisbane I strongly advise that you visit my website for more information before you proceed. Remember only a highly skilled person should be let loose on your trees as often the after effects of bad pruning can be totally undesirable.

Here are some other important factors to consider.

  • The tree is too close to your property
  • When it encroaches a neighbours property
  • To close too service wires
  • Dropping leaves in guttering
  • Obstructing views
  • Possum “highways”
  • Potentially hazardous limbs or branches
  • Dead wood or “Widow Makers”
  • Reduce shade over solar panels or turfed areas
  • General shaping for aesthetics

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Some species that need to be carefully pruned are Delonix and jacaranda. These tree react violently to pruning and really need to be approached with caution as they will regrow very rapidlt.

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