The Role Of A Wedding Photographer

A wedding photographer these days is more than just somebody who captures images of your special and memorable event. A wedding photographer in today’s world is also a digital technician. Most photographers will import their digital images into a program like photo shop where they can manipulate the images and add effects or tonal changes in order to bring about the best possible result for the clients.

As technology moves forward it in today’s world so does the ability of modern photographers to manipulate and enhance images to shoot the purposes of any occasion. Not only will a wedding photographer in today’s world be a digital master, he must also be a master of ceremonies in a sense.

A wedding photographer must be able to mingle in and amongst the crowd without actually disturbing the proceedings or making his mark on your special day. Usually the wedding photographer will be present at the wedding rehearsal and will know all the intricate details that have already been planned in advance and will have in his mind a clear picture of the way that the shoot is going to go.



Careful planning must go into every single detail when planning a wedding and choosing the right photographer who has the ability to mingle with the crowd almost unseen is a critical element of a wedding photographer’s role in your marriage ceremony.

Once the ceremony is over and the dust has settled your photographer usually will send you a list of hundreds of images which he has already gone through for your selection. Once you have worked out which of the images you think are best or the best display the sentiment and feelings that you wish to portray from your wedding your wedding photographer will then be able to print out or create a print of the image which you may wish to a mountain of frame or place somewhere poignant so as you can be constantly reminded of the joyous ceremony which was your wedding.

Gone are the days where a candid shot was required as part of a wedding photography session as the methods of photography have changed over the decades and no longer require specific times for exposures. Many photographers will actually have a camera that is also capable of capturing hundreds of images per minute which comes in handy when specific scenes such as throwing the bouquet out into the crowd. The photographer will then search through these list of images and pick out the one that most suits the capturing of the moment.

I am a wedding photographer on Brisbane’s Northside and specialise in boutique wedding photography. I have also written quite a few other posts on the intricate details of my wedding photography business and the kinds of photographs you can expect to see when you hire me as a wedding photographer. If you are interested in reading these posts then click on one of the following links.

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