Why You Would Remove A Tree From Your Suburban Brisbane Garden.

All Good Tree Removal specialists that I have met in Brisbane have one thing in common. They all love trees! So why would they make a job of cutting them down? That is a very good question and one that is quite complicated.

Z-AR4We all know that trees are essential to our survival as a species, even the most hardened climate change opponents cannot deny the scientific evidence of photosynthesis. Trees make oxygen, which is a fact. So they are good for us, because without oxygen we die. In fact with only a slight lessening of oxygen in the atmosphere we would all become quite unwell, displaying many of the symptoms of altitude sickness. As anyone who has been at altitudes of 3000 metres or so will attest, having less available oxygen in the atmosphere makes operating at a ‘normal’ level near impossible without the assistance of pharmaceuticals or having time to acclimatise.

So we want to keep breathing and we like having attractive plants in our garden, but there is that large tree that is pushing its roots up through our paved paths and is making a menace of itself around our home. What do we do about it?

Trees are amazing!!

Trees are amazing!!

Problem Tree?

Well the first thing to do with a problem tree in your Brisbane suburban garden is to contact a tree removal specialist for a quote. Most friendly tree removal specialists will happily come to your suburban home in the suburbs of Brisbane to look at the garden in your property and give you a free quote. A professional aborist will also be able to advise you as to what native species of plant you may like to replace your removed tree with. A tree removal specialist will also be well versed in council bylaws and regulations governing what kind of trees can be removed with out permission and will be able to advise you as to whether your tree is classed in that category and what measures you can take to remove a tree that may be threatening your property with large over hanging branches or water thirsty root systems.  There are provisions in council by laws for the removal of protected trees if the trees present a threat, and the professional tree removalist will happily identify problems and advise as to what course of action is most suitable to your particular circumstances.

Perhaps the most vital aspect of a tree removalist’s job is not just to remove a tree that is presenting a threat to property or person, although this is a very important aspect of the job. It is also to educate and inform Brisbane homeowners as to the best types of vegetation for their garden. A great garden is a joy to behold and all the Tree removal specialists I have met are passionate about nature and are generous in sharing their knowledge about which is the best flora for your garden.

A tree removal specialist will safely remove any plants that pose a threat to your property to make room for plants that will contribute to local environment and live in harmony with you and your life style.

For any further queries about what trees are best for Brisbane and whether or not is advisable to remove a tree please contact us at Emergency Tree Loppers Brisbane or Brisbane tree lopping or Tree removal Brisbane southside

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