What You Need To Know About LED Sensor Motion Lighting On The Gold Coast

Commerical-Lighting-ElexacomSecuring property is a primary concern of most homeowners especially when considering buying on the Gold Coast. With thieves waiting for the perfect moment to strike, it pays to be prepared. One simple and cost effective way to prevent break-ins and keep criminals at bay is to invest in LED sensor motion detecting lighting.

How They Work

LED sensor motion detector lights use powerful technology to alert gold coast homeowners of an intruder’s presence. Typically, they are based on infrared waves which detect heat coming from moving objects. When an intruder steps through the LED’s range of motion the light automatically turns on.  During daylight hours an interior photocell deactivates the unit so it does not turn on and waste energy. This unique and self-regulating process can give you a true sense of peace throughout the evening hours.

 What Are The Options?

There are several different types of motion sensor lights. However, the most common include a preset option which allows you to determine how long the light will stay on once it is tripped along with automatic features such as constant lighting when necessary. Motion detector lights can easily be placed on garages, side exits of the home, and even on business buildings as well.

In addition to the traditional motion detector light, there are also now wireless units available. Some of these units are solar powered, reducing any energy costs to the owner. With flexibility and customized features, wireless motion detector lights are perfect for the on-the-go home owner.

Do you need a Motion Detector System?

No matter how secure you think your property may be, it is important to be prepared. Consider having a motion sensor lighting system installed on your home to protect your belongings and your loved ones. This simple and cost-effective strategy could very well save you from a break-in down the road.
Add this lighting system to your list of home security features by investing in a unit today.

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