Methods Of Practising Massage Therapy.

Massage Benefits3Massage therapy is broken up into many types depending on the origin from which it originated. This all revolves around human touch but varies from light Swedish massage, to ice therapy massage and extreme pressure and deep tissue massage to the point where you could be walked on. It is important to have an understanding of the different types of massage therapy so when booking with a professional practitioner it will ensure you are being treated in the right manner.


Swedish massage is more commonly known and derives around five styles of hand strokes. The strokes consist of:
• Effleurage, smooth gliding strokes.
• Petrissage, the kneading and working of muscles
• Tapotement, rhythmic tapping of fingers and hands to release tension.
• Friction strokes aligned with the fibres or crossfire strokes.
• Vibration and shaking is the final method used to release tension.


The sufferers of osteoarthritis, joint stiffness and general muscle pain Swedish massage has proven to be successful and in some cases taken little time to achieve the results.


Stone massaging is the use of hot or cold stones to relieve tension using applied pressure to the appropriate areas. The stones are also moved over the body with oil in various strokes using the temperature of the stones to deeply penetrate the muscles. As the stones are creating friction on the body surface they become very smooth and are generally Basalt stones or volcanic rock.


Originally from Japan shiatsu massaging is the technique that uses the pressure from your fingers in a sequential pattern on pressure points and muscles. The fingers are applied up to 8 seconds to allow blood flow to allow the body to gain balance. Generally a shiatsu massage is a less intense method and leaves the patient generally with no soreness after massaging.


Similar to shiatsu massage thai massaging techniques helps align the body using specific pressure on points in the body. However thai massaging methods enquire the patient to engage in compressing the muscles and stretching. This style massaging will improve flexibility and a range of motion if you are suffering from stiffness.

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Fort massaging or reflexology is more than just putting your fingers into action and rubbing your feet. The pressure points in your feet corresponds with some of the main systems in your body. Ay applying the right pressure to the right places, Reflexology can be very relaxing for people who spend a majority of their time on their feet.


Trigger point therapy is often mixed up with pressure point massage. This method focuses on applying manual pressure, vibration or other techniques to relieve myofascial pain. Trigger points can now be mapped out in the body using MRI. Trigger point therapy is different as it relates to dysfunctioning parts in the Myoneural junction.


Tui na and Zhi Ya other two main types of Chinese massage. Tui Na focuses on a more physical approach way kneading and applying pressure to the muscle. Whereas Zhi Ya is the act of pressing and pinching the acupressure points around your body to relieve pressure and pain.


Myofascial release is releasing bonds between the fascia, the muscle and integument by applying share compression and/or tension in various directions to release the lactic acid build up. This type of massage is good if you are requiring pain to be eliminated and will help with your body’s range of movement and flexibility.


There are many different types of massage therapy is throughout the world which will help relieve pain and tension in muscles and soft tissue. With this style of therapy there are no medications required and only requires the understanding of your body mechanics to maintain a steady equilibrium that will relieve pain and increase flexibility. All techniques are considered to be medical practices and should only ever be performed by a trained professional as they can refer you to the appropriate technique that will benefit you the most.


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