Location Marketing Brisbane

Promotional advertising is a common an efficient method of selling a particular brand/product in Brisbane if used effectively. There are many different techniques and approaches that can be used to promote a product, one of which is location marketing. The effectiveness of advertising can be determined by the timeframe between which the consumer is first introduced to the product and the opportunity that they have to buy it. Therefore it stands to reason that promotional marketing is much more effective when conducted close by to the sale location of the product… i,e promo models for Brisbane. 

It would appear that consumers are much more likely to purchase a product while the advertisement is still fresh in their minds. The benefit of using a promotional ambassador/model is that they can portray the product across to the consumer in the most effective way possible to make their customer feel as though they have to purchase it. Once this image is in the customer’s mind, the best way to ensure that they then buy the product is to carry out the marketing close by to the location of the sale.

 An example of location marketing is Malibu, a product that is always closely associated with the beach. To sell this brand effectively, marketers have always carried out promotions associated with the product in a beach-like setting or set up a promotion in surf clubs near the beach. This forces the consumer to automatically make a mental connection between Malibu and relaxed settings, i.e. the beach, so that when they are in that location they are more likely to purchase the product.

The same technique can be used to advertise and sell any brand or product, because if promoted effectively, location marketing can be used to make consumers create a subconscious association in their minds between a particular environment/setting and the product. This not only increases the chances of immediate purchase if the promotion is located nearby where the product is located, but also increases the likelihood of future sales when the consumer is in a similar environment.

Furthermore, location marketing can be an effective tool for creating the desired atmosphere required to make the consumer want the product, i.e. providing an environment that forces the customer to subconsciously develop a desire for the purpose that the product serves. By providing this environment near where the product can be purchased, customers are much more likely to then go and make the sale.

Video and Youtube advertising has also become a popular method of promoting a particualr location related product.

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