Back Pain


Ortho-Bionomy and Lower Back Pain.


Simple excercise to help with back pain.


No need to suffer any longer!


There are some simple ways to relieve lower back pain.


Pain is usually caused by incorrect posture from ways of lifting and moving that stress the body.


The low back takes the strain while the abdominal muscles round the front are under utilized. Thus weakening them.




  • Bend the knees and keep the upper body straight
  • Do not lean over , bend down and then lift.
  • This causes the lower back to be placed under too much strain.
  • There are no ribs to protect the lower spine as there are around the upper body. So this area is especially vulnerable to strain.




  • Lie on your back with your knees bent .
  • Carpet or yoga mat is good. Bed is usually too soft and doesn’t offer firm enough support.
  • Feel where your body touches the ground.
  • Where is it comfortable? Where is there strain?


Breathe deeply a few times. Allow tension to move out of your body. Soften. Be like water. Do this by visualizing tension leaving your body. See it physically move out like a stream. The more awareness you bring to the process of sensing yourself the faster your body will respond.


Just like a small child when you give your full attention s/he will be so gratified s/he will leave you alone for longer!!


So will your body. It will appreciate your attention and release faster! True ! Try it!



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