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Addiction can and does destroy lives. Not everyone who journeys down the path of addiction makes it back to tell the tale!


book on addiction tells the real life story of life on the streets and overcoming addiction!

Not everyone makes it back to tell the tale!

Surviving on the streets of a big city like Sydney, being hopelessly addicted to drugs and alcohol…there is only two choices…Slowly die or get well!


Awoken by an Angel tells the real life story of a mans struggle with drugs and alcohol and by means of a series of “miracles” tells the tale of how he slowly regains his life.



I never in my wildest imaginings thought that I would end up living on a park bench hopelessly addicted to heroin and alcohol!


Set in fireside story telling style, the author takes you on a journey into a world that most people would never want to experience.

The author takes you into his world, telling the brutally honest tale of how a series of events lead him into the abyss which is homelessness, drugs and crime. The book is written in such a way as to engage you emotionally around the psychological battle that addicts suffer when they start to try and take control back of their lives.

Borne of rape and the victim of abuse as a child, the author takes you into the world of drug addiction. He recounts with explicit detail the struggle of life as a herion addict and recounts what the daily struggle of life on the streets is all about!

This book is a must for anyone studying addiction, sociology, psychology or for someone who has had difficulties with addiction.

Customer Reviews

Addiction and Recovery

by   Freebirdsoli

 Great book and well written, explains addiction in every possible way, Not much about withdrawal but more about the feelings and emotions of the drug addict or alcoholic…..I recommend it to anyone over 18! The guy can write!

You can use this book as an inspiration or just as a fascinating read, whatever reason you choose to purchase a copy…you will be inspired, stunned and amazed.



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It took many years to write this book. I was largely illiterate at the beginning of the process. I used to study the dictionary at night just so as I could communicate my story effectively..a story that must be told!





 I hope that you gain some hope and inspiration by purchasing my book. You may also purchase a copy for someone you know that is suffering from addiction. My book has inspired many…I hope it inspires you!

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